How We Die

While 70% of Canadians die in hospital, an increasing number of Canadians are choosing to die or have death services in the home. Artist and teacher Andrea is dying and she is choosing to do it differently. Together with her partner of over 40 years, Daniel, she is facing a terminal cancer diagnosis and seeking guidance in this difficult stage of their lives.

Karry Sawatsky is a death doula – a relatively new caregiving profession which has seen steady growth in accreditation programs since 2010. Karry provides her clients with non-medical advice on dealing with various aspects of end-of-life care. Working with Andrea and Daniel, Karry is making a death plan by providing burial options, home funeral plans and emotional support.

Andrea is sharing her story so that others might feel more comfortable with conversations around death and to ask themselves, ‘how do I want to die?’

Produced by: Kitab Productions Produced with the participation of TELUS Fund
Stories for Caregivers is an initiative produced by The Coup Company

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