The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea Bird – Dancing on the curve of life

Accomplished artist Andrea Bird connects art to love and death. Her theme of ‘holding loosely’ infuses Andrea’s work and positive world view.

Duration – 30:22
VoxBox: William Shatner – from the CD ‘Has Been’
Music Credit: Belle Starr – This Must Be The Place

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Existential Despair

Emerging Form: A Podcast About the Creative Process

Andrea being interviewed about existential despair with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Christie Aschwanden

So you’re writing. Or painting. Or dancing. And you’re struck by this horrible feeling: what am I doing? How am I ever going to find the form and create something beautiful out of this tangled mess that I’ve assembled? Or you start to feel that your work doesn’t matter. That in fact, nothing matters. Your creative endeavors amount to nothing. You are nothing. Nothing’s worth saying. No creative project’s worth doing. And that, friends, is existential despair. It happens. Most people involved in creative projects experience this state at some point, and it can be tough to get out of. In this episode, we wonder, can we avoid it? What do we miss if we avoid it? What helps us to return to a sense of purpose and passion? Our special guest, encaustic/mixed media artist Andrea Bird from Ontario, Canada, joins us for our game of two questions and talks about how that grappling can actually be what helps push our work to the next level.

The Artists Lifestyle

Andrea Bird Interviewed by Laura Hollick
Hamilton, Ontario for 93.3 CMFU

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