So Now You’re Dying, what are you doing to live

Podcast with Kate Davis Welcome to the third episode of “So Now You Are Dying What Are You Doing To Live”? My guest this week is Andrea Bird. She's an incredible visual artist, teacher, wife and mother of 2. We had a great chat about how poetry and psilocybin have

Artist Conversation with Andrea Bird | All Things Encaustic

Originally published on All Things Encaustic by Ruth Maude This artist conversation features encaustic painter, mixed-media artist and instructor Andrea Bird. Photo of Andrea Bird by Andreea Muscurel A personal note…It was Andrea Bird who first introduced me to encaustic painting. I have taken many workshops with her from 2002

How We Die: The Good Trip

Almost everyone who is dying expresses fear and anxiety about death. One year after our initial visit with artist and teacher Andrea Bird, we checked back in with her. Now, as part of 28 Canadians granted legal exemptions, Andrea has received permission to use psilocybin, aka magic mushrooms. With the

How We Die

While 70% of Canadians die in hospital, an increasing number of Canadians are choosing to die or have death services in the home. Artist and teacher Andrea is dying and she is choosing to do it differently. Together with her partner of over 40 years, Daniel, she is facing a


Interview originally published here FOR MOST PEOPLE IN THE MODERN WESTERN WORLD, DYING IS A SLIGHT, AN OFFENSE TO BEING ALIVE. Yes, as of a certain age, we all know we are going to die and some of us act accordingly. But in death phobic cultures such as the mainstream

The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea Bird – Dancing on the curve of life

Accomplished artist Andrea Bird connects art to love and death. Her theme of ‘holding loosely’ infuses Andrea’s work and positive world view. Duration - 30:22VoxBox: William Shatner - from the CD ‘Has Been’Music Credit: Belle Starr - This Must Be The Place Listen to "TSP101 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea

Existential Despair

Emerging Form: A Podcast About the Creative Process Andrea being interviewed about existential despair with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Christie Aschwanden So you’re writing. Or painting. Or dancing. And you’re struck by this horrible feeling: what am I doing? How am I ever going to find the form and create

The Artists Lifestyle

Andrea Bird Interviewed by Laura Hollick Hamilton, Ontario for 93.3 CMFU
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