Encaustic, Mixed Media, Collage

I am a mixed media encaustic artist, living with my family in Ontario, a few hours outside of Toronto in Canada. The beauty of this landscape inspires my work. To learn more about me view my artistic statement and c.v.

I am often asked, “what is encaustic?” In recent decades, this wonderfully luscious medium is experiencing a resurgence, as more and more artists discover its versatility. It is an ancient technique, which literally means “to burn or heat”. Appropriate, as each stage of encaustic painting involves heat. The wax is melted, mixed with pigment, and then each layer is fused with heat. The fusing can be done with a blow torch, heat gun, iron, or light bulb, depending on the effect desired. Being a collage artist for many years, it was a natural fit for me to include found objects and collage of all sorts in the wax (encaustic medium).

Enjoy your time browsing this site, and please feel free to contact me with questions or comments about my encaustic art, shows & exhibits, encaustic workshops, encaustic art supplies and/or dancing through cancer.

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